Welcome to The River

Sunday Morning Services

We are located in the Lower Level of the Santander Bank building. Once you come down the stairs or the elevator, the smell of food & coffee might be the first things that catch your attention.  Or it could be the music. But some have noticed the laughter.  Either way, we hope that you will feel encouraged when you come and that you'll leave wanting to talk more about whatever it is that was interesting to you that day.

Below is what we would call an examen or a reflection.  Many of us understand "finding our center" in terms of exercise these days, which is really good!  This is an exercise in examining our centers from a whole-self perspective.  Enjoy!

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What's Your Center?

Reflection Q1: How do I spend my time?

Reflection Q2: Why do I spend my time this way?

Reflection Q3: Do my motivations feel helpful to me?

Reflection Q4: How full is my center?

Reflection Q5: Now that I think about it, is there anything I've been moving "away from" that I'd like to try and move "towards?"

The reflection above is one of the many ways that we ask ourselves here at The River, "What's my life about?"  To hear more, check out one of our Upcoming Events.