Blue Ocean Faith

Blue Ocean Faith: Finding Jesus Everywhere

The River Church is part of an association of churches known as Blue Ocean Faith. Whereas faith has often been seen as something that divides people, we believe that faith can unite people.  We believe that Jesus broke down a lot of barriers, and we've paid attention to that.  Below you'll find a little more information about how Blue Ocean started and what our goals are.  You may also check out the Blue Ocean website:

Founded in 2008, Blue Ocean Inc. is an ever-growing community of organizations, churches, and like-minded individuals who often prefer and love the secular cultures in which they live and thrive. We offer open-ended conversations about how to experience vibrant faith.

Blue Ocean faith is about the idea that a different sort of conversation is possible: a conversation about life, faith, and God that avoids well-worn debates and divisions, and instead brings the churched and the non-churched together, as we all experience an ever more vibrant relationship with a living God.

The goal of Blue Ocean Inc. is to foster a spiritual awakening among our friends and neighbors in secular cities and towns in the western world. We believe that anyone can connect with God from wherever they’re at—within their own culture, race, and religion (or lack thereof)—and that this is best done in community through genuine give-and-take dialogues about faith.