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One thought on “A Little Grace

  • Brittany

    Today, I told my team of 16-yr-olds that no matter what the outcome was at the end of the day, bad or good, all we can know for sure about one another, is that we are all trying our very hardest to play as best we can. And I think that suddenly rings true for my life, and in reflection with this blog post. Sometimes even when we are trying our best, we still fail in some way, but it’s not the winning or losing that matters in the end, but whether you give it your best shot to be your best self every day. And today for me, that means I did my best to lead my team through the tournament, but I also ran into issues that I did not handle in the best way, but in retrospect, making myself feel guilty instead of giving myself grace and knowing that we only have so much we can handle is a good lesson for today.