Survey of the Bible

Survey of the Bible

In this class we group all of the books of the Bible into genres, learning how each genre can practically apply to our lives and how we can get the most out of reading this ancient text.

We’ll cover topics like:

  • How the Bible was formed and who wrote it
  • How the different parts of the Bible fit together
  • What the main messages of various books are
  • What resources are available when you need more information
  • How to think about studying the Bible

Do you know some Bible stories or teachings, but don’t really know how they fit together?

Do you often have the sense that you’re missing a few crucial bits of information that would really help you understand what you’re reading?

Do you have questions about what the Bible is and how it came to be?  Do those questions get in the way of you being able to trust what the Bible has to offer?

The Bible can be a hard book to figure out at times. Our hope is that this class will offer you knowledge, tools, and resources to help you feel comfortable navigating the book’s many parts.

Participants may choose to bring a lunch or contribute $10 towards ordering out.

Upcoming Times:

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